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Your personal notebook from LEUCHTTURM1917

You are looking for a suitable promotional gift or you are having customers who are looking for interesting giveaways?

The products from LEUCHTTURM1917 can be refined in various ways. Contact us directly and we can work together to find the best product: emily.vando@lighthouse.us. For all refinements we offer Name embossing as a special individualization.

We are offering the following refinements:

•    Notebook with your logo - embossed or printed
•    Pen Loop
•    Individual Design of the Wrapband
•    Integration of individual Tip In Pages
•    Individual Endpapers
•    Elegant packaging in gift boxes
•    Individual choice of colors for the pagemarker and elastic enclosure band


Logo embossing or printing

An embossed notebook is an individual brand ambassador. We are offering embossing for all of our notebooks in 14 colors as well as blind (an overview of the colors can be found here). An embossing can only be monochrome and without colour gradients. Alternatively we offer multicolored screen printing.

Pen Loops

Set a personal extra: add a pen loop to your books. Available in all 17 notebook colors.

Pen Loops


Wrap Bands

Design the wrapband and use it for your advertising. We offer white and chamois-colored paper for the wrapbands


Tip in Pages

An advertising page is an individually designed, single sheet, which can be subsequently inserted in to a book. It provides space for additional communication. The advertising page is slightly narrower than the book pages and does not have rounded corners. Available in white and chamois-colored paper.



This double page attaches the book cover to the book block and can be individually designed with a print. The endpapers are made from 160 g/m² paper. Choose between white or chamois-coloured printing paper for your front/ back endpaper or tip in page.

Vor- und Nachsatzseiten


Choose whether we should shrink-wrap the customized products or whether they should be presented in a gift box. Our boxes can also be customized.



Pagemarker and elastic enclosure band

The pagemarker and elastic closure band come in 17 different LEUCHTTURM1917 standard colors. These can be combined with the cover color.