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Notebook Leuchtkraft

Imprinted Poetry

Special words deserve special treatment. Fernweh, Sehnsucht, Wanderlust, Zeitgeist ... German loan words that could hardly be more emotional.

They evoke thoughts, memories, feelings. It is impossible to imagine German intellectual history without them, and they have even been adopted unchanged from the German vocabulary into other languages. For the power of their meaning shines beyond linguistic boundaries.

Each of the four unique LEUCHTTURM1917 Leuchtkraft notebooks bears one of these linguistic gems as an embossed imprint on the cover.

These are additionally explained by a poetic text in English on the banderole and endpapers, making each notebook something special.

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Pure Emotion

When was the last time you had "Fernweh"? Have you longed for a faraway land, for an adventure or have you longed for one of your loved ones? How often do you get the "Wanderlust"? Every year, every month or even more often? When was the last time you became aware of the way of thinking and feeling of an age - the so-called "Zeitgeist"?

Take a minute and try to answer this question. Just for you. And if you like, you can even write down a few thoughts about it...

Notebook Leuchtkraft