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Change Journal, Anthracite

Change Journal is a guide and a workbook with best methods for self-improvement from different sources put together and condensed to the essentials so you can easily understand and practice them for just a few minutes a day.

• Medium A5 format
• Hardcover
• 100 gsm FSC-certified paper
• 294 numbered pages

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The Change Journal

Make life easier

“Motivation gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” – these words appear at the start of the journal.

Then it starts: a total of 24 simple yet effective methods for self-improvement from many literary works and publications are presented, in condensed form, for you to start using straight away.

You should devote seven days to each of the methods, which you can work your way through in any order you choose. From digital detox to habits, saving and learning to say “no”, this journal will provide lots of motivation along the way to you becoming your best self.

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Product description

The Change Journal contains 24 effective and simple methods which can help you to improve your own productivity and organization. Every method is familiar and approved. Matching templates help documenting the individual progress.

The 24 Methods:
Water - Thanks - Rewards - Circle Trick - Digital Detox - Eisenhower Principle - Habits - Clarity - Pitch - Yourself - Compliments - Reading - Marginal Gains - No - Single Tasking - Clearing Out - Pareto - Principle - Comfort Zone - Strengths - Essentialism - Goals - Pomodoro Technique - Emails - Saving - Journaling

• Medium A5 format
• 294 numbered pages
• 100 gsm paper
• Stickers for labelling and archiving
• Gusseted pocket
• Dimensions 5.75 x 8.25 in.

You can personalize a notebook with your name or your favorite quote on the cover. Please note all personalized notebooks are final sale.

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