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Finish Journal

New: Finish Journal

A goal is the fastest path between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Best of all, finishing a goal feels amazing. You will never forget the first time you held a book finished writing. You will never forget the moment you crossed the finish line of a 5K race. You will never forget when someone paid you to do something you love doing. Finishing a goal is the best feeling in the world.

That's the feeling Jon Acuff wants for everyone. That's why he created the Finish Journal with Leuchtturm1917. He has spent the last 12 years helping hundreds of thousands of people from around the world achieve their goals. From professional athletes to stay-at-home-moms, from 75-year-olds who know it's never to early, he has had a front row seat to the type of life change goal that is finished always delivers.

Writers & Thinkers: Conversations on thinking by hand

Welcome to the place where we celebrate the love of pen, paper and notebooks. Directors talk about how they write scripts. Musicians open their songbooks. Designers show their sketches. Scientists report on their research notes. Authors talk about how they create scenarios

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Re:combine your thoughts

Re:combine your thoughts.

Apricot, Lobster, Sky and Ink – four radiant and inspiring new colors.

Fresh and lively Apricot, intense and expressive Lobster, luminous and evocative Sky, and noble and mystical Ink. All colors harmonise perfectly with one another. Whether tone-on-tone or as a high-contrast combination, the four new colors invite us to think differently about the details of the things that surround us every day – and to develop new perspectives.The small symbols combine abstracted design and form elements from the LEUCHTTURM1917 product world – for example, from packaging, ruling patterns or products.

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18-month planners 2025

18-month planners 2025

Our 18-month planners start from July 1, 2024, and extend till December 2025, allowing you to coordinate your schedules with great anticipation and make the most of your time. Moreover, they come equipped with practical features like a tabular project plan and display of international holidays – functional everyday companions for successful yearly planning.

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Bullet Journal Edition 2 - Green23

Bullet Journal® Edition 2 in Green23

Bullet Journal® – Edition 2. The original version even more refined.

Chosen by New York product designer Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal® method and the BuJo community, the Original Bullet Journal® Edition 2 in the new colour Green23 is available now. How do I organise my day and my life, with its many appointments, task and plans? In order to better organise his own life, Ryder Carroll first developed this method of self-organisation for himself as a method that can easily be adjusted to his personal needs – as an interface between productivity and focused thinking. A groundbreaking idea that is easy to adapt and has therefore been adopted by people all over the world.

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Bullet Journal Drehgriffel Nr. 2

Bullet Journal® Drehgriffel Nr. 2

The Nr. 2 is a mechanical pencil. The tip as well as the rotary head are made of shiny silver steel and form a noble contrast to the twist head is engraved with the lightning bolt, the symbol of the Bullet Journal® community. The German-made mechanism is screwed into the top for a precise fit. The mechanism´s tank holds up 8 0.7 mm HB refills, which can be easily reloaded with a twist, for non-stop creative journaling. The Bullet Journal® Drehgriffel Nr. 2 is a thoughtful creative partner for all journaling fans. For endless writing, sketching and drawing.

Bullet Journal Drehgriffel Nr. 2 - Discover more

All notebooks

Our notebooks

As diverse as their owners.

A LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook gives you the freedom to discover yourself and your life.

It is your companion for everyday life which helps you to perceive thoughts more consciously, to recollect dreams and to visualise goals.

Once documented, it creates eternal memories and has the potential to become one of your greatest treasures.

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Denken mit der Hand

Reasons for writing by hand

*Writing by hand is thinking on paper.       

Thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures.

Memories become stories. Ideas are transformed into projects. Notes inspire insight.

We write and understand, learn, see and think – with our hands.

Your ideas, your plans, your projects. It's all in your hands.

Curious?  Find out what lies behind our deep conviction and our brand understanding.   

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