Each morning gives rise to the magic of a new beginning

Rising Sun, Aquamarine, Stone Blue and Warm Earth.

Inspired by that magical moment when the sun comes up, the Rising Colours series invites you to see things from a different perspective and to dive into your projects full of energy. Four new colours of elemental power for motivating ideas and valuable inspiration. For every new day.

The Drehgriffel

The Drehgriffel - a truly unique writing instrument.


With its clear lines and iconic design: the Drehgriffel is back. LEUCHTTURM1917 is reviving a distinctive writing instrument from the 1920s back to an indispensable companion for your everyday life.                                       

  • Pen refills available 

  • Variety of colours

  • Excellent product design


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Our notebooks

As diverse as their owners.

A LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook gives you the freedom to discover yourself and your life.

It is your companion for everyday life which helps you to perceive thoughts more consciously, to recollect dreams and to visualize goals.

Once documented, it creates eternal memories and has the potential to become one of your greatest treasures.

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to the Jottbook

Jottbook Double

Smart design in a double pack.

The new LEUCHTTURM1917 Jottbook Double. Slim, light and reduced to the essentials – our notebooks as a slim alternative to the notebook.

Coloured fore-edges make the jottbooks an eye-catcher.

  • Set of 2 in a harmonious colour gradient

  • 2 sizes (Pocket and Medium)

  • 8 colours

  • Handy pocket in the back inside cover

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Denken mit der Hand*

Reasons for writing by hand

*Writing by hand is thinking on paper.       

Thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures.

Memories become stories. Ideas are transformed into projects. Notes inspire insight.

We write and understand, learn, see and think – with our hands.

Your ideas, your plans, your projects. It's all in your hands.

Curious?  Find out what lies behind our deep conviction and our brand understanding.   

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