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Over a century of expertise and dedication in the crafting of premium stationery.

Founded in the year 1917, our rich heritage acts as a testament to over a century of evolution and unwavering quality in the world of superior notebooks, journals, and writing instruments, marking a journey that has extended beyond 100 years.

Now under the stewardship of the fourth generation, Axel and Max Stürken have been at the helm since the 1990s, steering the company with a vision that intertwines tradition with innovation. The core of our philosophy is a commitment to creating meticulously designed products that not only fulfill but exceed the high expectations of quality our customers have come to rely on. In the process of development, our focus is laser-sharp on every detail, embodying our belief that it is these nuances that truly set our products apart. Our offerings are distinguished by an inherent love for craftsmanship, the incorporation of functional details, unparalleled quality, and an extensive palette of colors to inspire creativity and personal expression.

At the heart of LEUCHTTURM1917 is a deep-seated belief in the power of writing by hand: thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures, memories become stories, ideas are transformed into projects and notes inspire insight. We write and understand, learn, see and think – with the hand. It is this conviction that guides every step we take, every product we design, ensuring that what we offer is not just a tool for writing but a companion for life's journey, capturing the essence of thoughts and turning them into legacies.