Custom products


For great ideas, for thoughts, for memories. A notebook or calendar is indispensable. Ideas have to be kept, written and read, and thought over again to make them real. Refined with a logo, a motto or a name a notebook will become a distinctive, personal and an everlasting platform for your brand.

Customization Options:

Logo Embossing

Name Embossing


EMBOSSING GUIDELINES:  A $10.00 fee will be added to the notebook price for embossing. 

Two lines maximum for embossing.  If requesting two lines, the first line will be centered above the second line unless stated in the comments section.

Grotesk is the only font style available.

Some foil colors may not be available; we will match it with the closest color.  

The use of special characters is not possible while embossing.

Custom / embossing is NON REFUNDABLE and cannot be returned.