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Item number: 366916

Drehgriffel Nr.1 Bullet Journal Edition

• Gel pen made from precision-milled aluminium and brass
• Stroke size 0,5 mm
• Black ink
• Refillable

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Font size: 1 mm
Engraving is done in capital letters.
The colour of the engraving depends on the colour of the lettering on the Drehgriffel.
Please note: Custom made products are excluded from exchange.
Drehgriffel Nr. 1 - Bullet Journal Edition

The Bullet Journal® Drehgriffel

Distinctive tip and the twist head are made of brass and give this writing instrument its special character. The black barrel is made of lacquered aluminum that has been sandblasted, which provides a slightly grainy, matt surface with a pleasant grip. The logo on the mid-section stands out discreetly against the glossy black lacquer background. The lightning bolt engraved on the twist head is the distinctive mark of the international Bullet Journal® community.

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Product description


Length: 5.12"
Black Ink
Ceramic ball bearing
Document proof

We offer the matching LEUCHTTURM1917 refill with either black or royal blue ink.
The refills Flow Black and Flow Blue are each available in a pack of 2.