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Metallic Edition

Notizbuch Metallic Edition

Pure, elegant and timeless.

Whether you prefer Gold, Copper, or Silver, the metallic look is an enduring trend – and what a trend it is! That’s why we’ve decided to give our Notebooks, Pen Loops and pencils a chance to sparkle in the limelight of our Metallic Edition.

The cover material, which was specially developed for this edition, lends the Metallic Edition Notebooks an elegant metallic sheen. The Metallic Look Notebooks in Gold, Silver and Copper are offset perfectly by the black enclosure bands wrapped around them, which are, in turn, embossed with the year 1917 in metallic.

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Notizbuch Metallic Edition


Pen Loop Metallic

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Bleistift Metallic Edition


Pen Loop Metallic Edition

Metallic Look

For a particular accent or tone-on-tone style, our accessories are also available in the elegant Metallic Look – the new special edition includes pencils and Pen Loops.

The Pen Loops have been lovingly created down to the last detail. The chemical symbol of the relevant metal (Gold, Silver or Copper) is embossed on each self-adhesive pen holder.

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Metallic Edition