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The Drehgriffel – a unique writing instrument

Clear lines, iconic design

LEUCHTTURM1917 revives the twist grip from the 1920s.

We write letters, take notes or leave little messages for our loved ones: writing utensils such as ballpoint pens, fountain pens or pencils are irreplaceable and are indispensable in everyday life. And everyone can choose their own favourite model.

Brand new on the market: the twist pen from LEUCHTTURM1917.


New and already a classic:
the Drehgriffel

LEUCHTTUMRM1917 has always been committed to paper quality. But also the longing for a writing instrument has become ever greater. Because it is only when both are used together that our thoughts can be put down on paper.

The name "Drehgriffel" is a compound word made up of twist, derived from the innovative twist mechanism, and the term "Griffel", in reference to the oldest writing instrument in the world (from the Greek grapheion). They reflect the roots of the traditional company. It is therefore no coincidence that the birth of the Drehgriffel and the founding of the company both took place in the 1920s.

This writing instrument was to become something special – the perfect combination of iconic design with a distinctive writing experience. The result is the Drehgriffel. The deliberate contrast between the old German design of the word mark and the modern design is a playful break. Basically new – and yet a classic.

Quality matters

As with all LEUCHTTURM1917 products, quality plays a special role in the creation of the Drehgriffel. The spring-loaded twist mechanism and the large capacity refills therefore come from Germany and are sourced from a German brand manufacturer.

The refill is document-proof according to ISO 12757-2 and the housing is milled and assembled in Taiwan. The high-quality material is brass and aluminium; the twist mechanism and tip can be unscrewed to suit the user.

The twist grip with its special design works alone – and together with the LEUCHTTURM1917 range. Classic, stylish and modern.

This is not a pen, but a design object.

"Its convincingly independent design features a retro-style that makes this ballpoint pen an aesthetic eye-catcher on the desk."

This quote comes from the Red Dot 2020 jury, which awarded the twist pen with just that award. It confirms the intention to regard this product not only as an article of daily use but, above all, as a design object. True to the motto – this is not just a pen. But what does that mean?

There are many pencils. The term 'pen' makes an object ordinary. It deprives the writing instrument of its independence because it equates it and reduces it to the characteristic of writing. Therefore, in this case it is not a pen, but a Drehgriffel: a design object that is equally pleasing through its beauty and formal language as through its ability to write well.


The inscription "Drehgriffel" appears on its hexagonal body. A derivation from Sütterlin, a source script for learning cursive script developed in Germany in the 1920s. This and a narrowly tapered tip, which, like the rotary knob, is contrasting in colour, distinguish the Drehgriffel.

The colour range is as iconic as it is playful. Available in nine different colours (white, lemon, powder, bellini, red, sage, Nordic blue, denim and black), the new writing instrument fits perfectly into any notebook.

The Drehgriffel Nr. 1 is a ballpoint pen made of precision milled aluminium and brass, lacquered and sealed. It contains a spring-loaded twist mechanism. To change the refill, simply unscrew the twist head. The royal blue flow refill (thickness B), which has a particularly light and flowing writing characteristic, is available as a replacement refill in the colours royal blue and black.

Reach for the Drehgriffel now!