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Re:combine your thoughts.

Four new colors Apricot, Lobster, Sky und Ink.

As soon as we put pen to paper, we set our thoughts into motion. A space opens up in which memories, encounters, experiences and insights are reassembled. This is how plans, ideas, paths and images emerge, and to develop new which we again 

perceive differently upon writing. We combine, reflect, think and develop further – re: combine your thoughts. 

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Plan your appointments for 2024

The range of functions a planner may need to fulfil are as varied and individual as people’s daily schedules. We at LEUCHTTURM1917 are well aware of this fact – which is why we created five different planner variants. Each of our planners offers users a unique set of benefits to meet individual requirements. A planner should be a daily tool. It helps us to structure our working  days and weekends, schedule and keep appointments and remember important events – in short, it should be our constant companion. At the same time, everyone needs to ask themselves “What do I want my planner to do for me?”

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Planner Stickers 2024

Planner Stickers 2024

Do you want to add a calendar function to your notebook? With our new self-stick planners you will easily create an additional planning tool. There is a choice of a set with monthly and a set with yearly overview. The self-stick planners designed to fit medium A5 or larger format notebooks. If you start a new notebook during the course of the year, you can continue in it with the remaining planning overviews. 

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Notepad Monocle by LEUCHTTURM1917

A versatile notepad with space for all your notes and ideas. All the pages in this handy, Pocket (A6) format notepad are perforated, so that they can be torn out easily. If you take notes, write shopping lists or simply jot down ideas on the go, than this practical notepad is going to be an ideal everyday companion for you.

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Bullet Journal Edition 2 in Green23

New: Bullet Journal® in Green23

Bullet Journal® – Edition 2.

Now the original Bullet Journal® Edition 2 is available in the new color Green23. If you want to learn how to organize your day and life, with its many appointments, task and plans and become more productive - the Bullet Journal is the perfect tool for you.

The creator of the Bullet Journal Ryder Carroll first developed this method of self-organization for himself to better organize his own life, and as a method that can easily be adjusted to his personal needs – as an interface between productivity and focused thinking. A groundbreaking idea that is easy to adapt and has therefore been adopted by people all over the world.

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Learning Journal

There’s a method to successful learning.

The Cleer® Learning Journal – a workbook and notebook to help you achieve your learning goals quickly and easily. Together with authors Nina Schwarting and Aaron Keilhau, we have developed the Learning Journal, which summarises the most successful methods and techniques of active learning. The Learning Journal is the ideal workbook and notebook for actively acquiring new professional skills and knowledge. Thanks to its active 12-week learning system, it helps you to structure new information and directly apply new knowledge in order to  retain as much of what you have learned as possible. From subject-specific content such as further training in social media marketing or personnel development to personal skills such as agile project management, leadership or self-management. The Learning Journal provides structure and motivation for personal development with the unique Cleer® learning journey. It is easy to use and helps you achieve fast and long-term learning success.

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Think Smater, Paperback (B6+) - Hardcover

Jottbook Double. A compact duo when you’re out and about.

NEW colors.

The Jottbook is a convenient alternative to a classic notebook. Thanks to its minimal weight and flexible cover the Jottbooks are ideal for taking quick notes on the go. The Jottbook Double comes in color-coordinated pack of two books, and available in two formats: Medium (A5) and Pocket (A6).

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A stationery collection with content and style

The exclusive edition for people who wish to combine an urban way of life with their own ideas. The result of our design collaboration with the international lifestyle magazine MONOCLE. A premium collection of stationery featuring coordinating notebooks, planners and accessories for discerning people.

This collection bears the joint signature of LEUCHTURM1917 and MONOCLE. Curated with the passion embodied by both brands for a clean and functional design with subtle details and striking contents.

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Our Notebooks

As diverse as their owners.

A LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook gives you the freedom to discover yourself and your life.

It is your companion for everyday life which helps you to perceive thoughts more consciously, to recollect dreams and to visualize goals.

Once documented, it creates eternal memories and has the potential to become one of your greatest treasures.

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Denken mit der Hand*

Reasons for writing by hand

*Writing by hand is thinking on paper.       

Thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures.

Memories become stories. Ideas are transformed into projects. Notes inspire insight.

We write and understand, learn, see and think – with our hands.

Your ideas, your plans, your projects. It's all in your hands.

Curious?  Find out what lies behind our deep conviction and our brand understanding.   

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